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design for boxers


The aim of this semester long project was to improve the lives of recreational boxers through design thinking methods.

We interviewed and codesigned with boxers from local boxing gyms, engaged in various forms of brainstorming and sketch modeling to encapsulate their needs and values into a prototype.

<< the design process >>

The team utilized an array of tools to understand the user's immediate issues and other hidden ones. One way to surface these challenges was to dive into the user's needs and values. For example, suffering concussions is a widely known problem. However though the boxer values long term health, when he/she suffers a large blow in the ring, he/she will not draw. These stark values inside and outside the ring provide good insight that led to our final offering. 


[ final recommendation ]

A concussion monitoring sensor embedded in the boxer's helmet that alerts the referee if blow frequency or impact passes an alarming threshold. This monitoring device would regulate matches and improve training as well. 

[ methods used ] - Interviews, Broad Interaction Map, Hero's Journey, User Personas, Codesigning, Brainstorm, Sketching/Sketchmodeling, Ideation Scoring 

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